Gdavis Productions & Film presents

                   "Living With"

July  2020

Garrett Davis and Dartez Wright have joined together to create a program that will take you inside the lives of everyday people who are Living With various obstacles that would normally block their path and their dreams but somehow they maintain a positive attitude that will give viewers hope and contacts to resources that can provide a better quality of life

Living With Alzheimer's

Garrett Davis visits Gracious Living an Adult Day Care Center who serves and provides care of their clients with Love & Passion.


Davis also visits the Foster and Cheek Family who have lost 5 members to Alzheimer's over the last decade and are Living in Fear of Alzheimer's.

This episode concludes with Davis speaking with the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina


Executive Producers: Garrett Davis & Dartez Wright

Producer: Nachela Knox Director of Photography

Director: Nachela Knox

Camera & Editing: Merrick Ward

Sound: John Blaq

Guest Host: Nakesha Writes

Sponsor: Dementia Alliance of North Carolina

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