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Gdavis Productions & Film presents

                   "Living With"

July  2020

Garrett Davis and Dartez Wright have joined together to create a program that will take you inside the lives of everyday people who are Living With various obstacles that would normally block their path and their dreams but somehow they are able maintain a positive attitude and enjoy life. Their journey will inspire and provide valuable information and tips on how to keep a positive attitude regardless of your situation.

Living With Love

Romell and Sylvester Cooks built their dream home preparing for the future. When Romell became the primary caregiver for her best friend and husband little did they know the plans that Sylvester made during the building of their home would play a big part in the quality of his life.

Living With Love shows what wedding vows really look like when we say in sickness and in health and for better for for worse

Living With Alzheimer's

Living With Hospice

Living With Kidney Failure

Living With Congestive Heart Failure

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