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July  2020

Katrina Jeen has been selected to be the voice of the forthcoming new project from Gdavis Productions & Films entitled Through The fire the Tonier Cain Story.

Katrina will narrate the first theater/film produced by Garrett Davis

Nakesha Writes has been contracted to be the voice and face of Gdavis Productions & Films.

Nakesha will produce social media segments promoting Gdavis Projects and serve as producer and host of the Living With Series presenting Gdavis Production Plays On-line

Nachela Knox has been named interim Director of the Film Division of GDP & Films. She will be responsible for producing all GDP theatrical productions, vignettes and the Living with Series hosted by Nakesha Writes

Brittany Allens has been named Research and Development Director for Gdavis Productions and Films. 

Brittany will also over see all social media marketing for GDP and serve as co-producer of the forthcoming social justice awareness project Just Us

Gdavis Productions and Films will take a hard look at what it means to be black in America with the thought provoking theater/film Just Us

Release date is scheduled for Black History Month 2021

The first theater/film produced by Garrett Davis is scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2021.

Based on the life of Tonier Cain 

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