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Gdavis Productions and films is an urban theater/film company that has been touring stage plays since 1994. Gdavis Productions started off as Rhema Theatre Group Ministries in Raeford, NC when Gdavis penned his first stage production entitled "Lord Why Me"

After his first national tour and the success of "If Loving You is Wrong" that featured Freddie Jackson, the name was changed to Gdavis Productions and the slogan was established "Bringing Real Life Situation to the Stage."

Now 26 years later and over 20 productions written, directed and produced by Garrett Davis, Gdavis Productions is one of the leading theater companies in the country nationally touring multiple productions for 5 consecutive years and counting with Mama's Girls, Daddy's Boys, Sisters at Heat, Clearly Invisible and Forget Me Not.

Some of the industry's top entertainers have been presented in a Gdavis Production including Ann Nesby, Melvin Williams of the William Brothers, Gerald Alston and Blue Lovette from the Manhattans, Tony Terry, Carl Payne, Sister Cantaloupe, Gary Jenkins from Silk, Regina Belle, Freddie Jackson, Cherelle and Shirley Murdock just to name a few.  Gdavis Productions partnered with Harper Collins Best Selling author Nina Fox to transform her book Marrying Up into a stage play that starred American Idol Finalist Melinda Doolittle.
The relationships that Gdavis Productions has established over the years with the National Alzheimer’s Association, US Against Alzheimer's, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, The Maya Angelou Center on Health Equity, The American Diabetes Association, the Prostate Health Education Network and AARP has created a unique partnership that focuses on raising the awareness about various diseases and care giving through award winning projects and theatrical productions.
Gdavis Production is committed to bringing real life situations to the stage that will bring light to issues and concerns that effect our community in hopes of creating a change for a better quality of life for everyone.
The addition of the film division was added in 2019 with Nachela Knox operating as the Interim Director. The film division is responsible for producing vignettes that are used for educational and training purposes. The film division also produces the Living With Series that feature excerpts from various Gdavis Productions theatrical projects that have toured nationally.

We call what we do InfoTainment - We bring real life situations to the stage to educate and enlighten on health issues that effect us daily. We hope our stories will help direct those in attendance to resources that can lead to a better quality of life. We feels this is more important than just entertaing them becaue after the tears and laughter the probem is still there if there is no solution.

                                                                                                                                     Garrett Davis

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