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Gdavis Health Portfolio

Award Winning Projects & Plays

Gdavis Productions not only features breathtaking theatrical productions that educate as well as entertain, they are also the force behind award winning projects such as Project Prepare to Care, The Forget Me Not Project and Project Take Control. These projects feature the Alzheimer's Lunch & Learn Series, The Call To Action Prayer Breakfast, Town Hall Meetings and the Forget Me Not Gala.

All of these projects focus on raising the awareness of Alzheimer's, Caregiving, Diabetes  and Mental Health while communicating the importance of clinical trials and the need for advocacy.

alz organizers
Forget Me Not Project

It is the mission of the Forget Me Not Project to raise the awareness of Alzheimer's and how it effects the minority community. Find out where the next Town Hall Meeting or Lunch & Learn will be in your area as well as stage play Forget Me Not

Project Prepare To Care

Gdavis Productions joined forces with AARP to put the spotlight on Caregiving with the award winning stage play Mama' s Girls. Add the best selling book and  DVD to your collection today.

Project Take Control

Gdavis Productions and The American Diabetes Associations have partnered to raise the awareness of Type 2 Diabetes. Take the diabetes pre-test or see how you can take steps to manage your diabetes by visiting the official website of Mama's Girls 2 Sugar Ain't Sweet created to raise the awareness of diabetes

Gdavis Productions brings yet another thought provoking production to the stage showing the importance of why fathers should be in the lives of their sons while raising the awareness of prostrate cancer in African American Males. 

Finally, a positive productions about African American males and their struggle.

Mindless Behavior

Gdavis Productions tackles mental health in the African American community with a production that sheds the light on ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.


Sisters @ Heart

Continuing in the ora of Mama’s Girls, Sisters @ Heart is a touching yet hilarious production on sisterhood and how women deal with heart disease in the midst of their careers and family, This production based off of true events from the lives of Kimberly Ketter and Shaun Rivers who discovered they had congestive heart failure at 40 now 50 their story has been set to the stage in the educational and hilarious theoretical production by award winning playwright Garrett Davis

Through The Fire

The Tonier Cain Story 

Opioid Addition is an epidemic in our country. Gdavis Productions is pleased to present one the most inspiring theatrical performances that is sure to be and award winning project based on true events from the life of Tonier Cain whose emergence from drug addiction, multiple incarcerations and two decades of homelessness has become a tireless advocate and educator on the devastating impact of childhood abuse . . . and the need to rethink how we treat the shattered adults severely traumatized children become.


Clearly Invisible

We are very proud of our military which more than often does not get the credit that they deserve for all they do to defend our freedom. Clearly Invisible takes a look at how our military too many times are taken advantage of in many areas. The storyline takes the military down memory lane and educates civilians on the struggles of our military transitioning into the civilian world. The music and various short videos and the song selection in this production are simply breathtaking.


Woman's Gott Do,What a Woman's Gotta Do

Hilarious yet very educational on financial literacy. Showing the importance of being able to budget, save and invest. This production is unique by the way of also showing how all generations can take part in learning about their financial status and next steps needed to strengthen their finances.

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